The basic idea

"Keep it simple" was the guiding principle in making an online home competition. Therefore: as simple as possible - and as short as possible!

The result

5 "base" exercises and 2 minutes each to do as many repetitions as possible of these exercises

You can find a detailed explanation of the exercises if you click here:

It doesn't matter how many times you try an exercise and it doesn't matter how many exercises you do in a day, whether with a break (which we recommend, see also the "Super5" below) or without - Once you have set a new personal best during an exercise : enter them - and you can find yourself in the results list, either in a single exercise or in the overall ranking of all five exercises. And by the way: We are especially happy about a video upload of "your" competition!

The "Super5"

For those who want it a bit more strenuous, there is a special competion: The "Super5" = all 5 exercises in the order of push-up - squats - sit-ups - burpees and failure steps in 10 minutes. That means 5 times 2 minutes and 1 result!

The process

Before you start, all you have to do is register and log in - and nothing stands in the way of your first personal best! And by the way: For each exercise you can also provide the link to a video - that you have uploaded on Youtube, Instagram etc. before - on which your exercise can be seen!


Please pay attention to your health, especially if you have problems with your cardiovascular system or have just survived an illness, ask your doctor before you participate. Furthermore, you should interrupt your training immediately if you fee unwell!

And don't forget to

Warm Up

A few tips for those who don't have a home trainer available:

A good "warm-up device" are stairs, start to climb them slowly and get faster and faster,  on the way down you can loosen up. If you don't have stairs at your disposal: Do yourself a warm-up course with a few rolls of toilet paper (everyone should have enough of them at home at the moment ;-)) and run through it - slowly, then faster and faster. Variants: forward - backward - sideways. After a few rounds, you can start doing an exercise with each roll - from just reaching for the floor, to a few honed men to "our" exercises. After about 15 minutes, you should be good to go. And don't forget: Do a few relaxation or stretching exercises after the workout!